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      2. Complete industrial chain
        Production Equipment
        The company now has 100,000 spindle, covering 50 silk machine;Open door cylinder 68, 36 spraying cylinders, 99 high temperature and high pressure cylinders, 86 wool dyeing machines; 200 sets of double-sided velvet rapier looms of all kinds. Annual output of all kinds of raw white yarn 16000 tons;4500 tons of semi-worsted yarn; Dyed yarn 58,500 tons.

        Qing steel unite

        Two-for-one twisting

        Spun yarn

        Automatic winder


        Hengtai FANGYUAN now has advanced production equipment from Germany and Belgium, including more than 200 double-sided rapier looms produced by Van DE Wiele Company, more than 20 imported jacquard machines and 10 warp knitting machines, many sets of comb-shear combined equipment from m-TEC, 20 circular knitting machines, and a number of domestic supporting equipment, with an annual capacity of 10 million meters of various types of velvet fabric.

        Double rapier dobby loom

        Electronic jacquard machine

        Warp knitting machine

        Rapier loom

        After treatment
        Setting machine

        Setting machine

        Draping machine

        Dyeing machine

        Rinsing machine

        Printing and dyeing
        The company has good printing and dyeing equipment which can firm the colors in a certain temperature, time value and the conditions such as auxiliaries and also has the advantages of efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection