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      2. Our Advantages
        Focus on research and development
        Big scale factory
        A powerful manufacturing plant Same price with better quality, Same quality with better price.
        senior designer team
        We have a team of experienced designers more than 30 years of professional design experiences
        Quick reply
        24 hours Rapid Proofing 3-5 days urgent lead time
        Quality assurance
        Advanced imported equipment high quality, high cost-effective products
        Quick delivery
        The perfect logistics system covers the whole country's special line and express service
        Equipment innovation
        Outdoor cloth
        The company has been equipped with 100000 spindles, 50 sets of covering yarns machines,68 sets of tank hank dyeing vats,36 sets of jet dyeing vats,99 sets of high temperature and pressure dyeing vats(apply to dye acrylic,viscose/cotton,filament), 86 sets of fibre dyeing vats,200 sets various of looms including double rapier looms.the annual capacity about 16000 tons raw white yarns,4500 tons semi-worsted wool knitting yarn,58500 tons dyed yarns(20000 tons dyed yarn in hank,30000 tons package dyed yarn,3500 tons varieties of fancy yarns,5000 tons high-grade elastic filament yarns);
        Hengtai FANGYUAN now has advanced production equipment from Germany and Belgium, including more than 200 double-sided rapier looms produced by Van DE Wiele Company, more than 20 imported jacquard machines and 10 warp knitting machines, many sets of comb-shear combined equipment from m-TEC, 20 circular knitting machines, and a number of domestic supporting equipment, with an annual capacity of 10 million meters of various types of velvet fabric.
        sample machine
        Warping machines
        Dyeing machine
        finishing machines
        Outdoor fabric
        Pengjin outdoor technology is a research and development company focusing on the functional textiles. The company with excellent R & D team combines spinning, dyeing, Weaving and finishing together, to provide systematic support. The fabric has the advantages of high color fastness to sunlight, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, weathering and other advantages, besides basic textile fabric features.
        Outdoor cloth
        rapier loom
        fiber spinning
        sample machine
        Technological innovation
        Trace to its source Don't forget about quality

        Yarn test

        Fabric test

        Between the cutting sample

        Color proofing

        Computer color measurement